Balinese culture has a deep connection to the spirit world and it is evident as soon as you arrive onto this sacred island. Fragrant incense wafting through the air, ornate temples at almost every turn, black and white checkered cloth wrapped around deities and trees, representing yin and yang, the force of good and evil in all of us.

For outsiders to the Balinese Hindu customs, the rituals and practices are very fascinating and mysterious. However, the warm and hospitable Balinese people have welcomed tourists to learn about their way of life for many decades. Gaining an understanding of this rich culture and faith can sometimes incite a curiosity for us to look into our own spirituality.

It is said that we are all spirits having a human experience. Sometimes in our lives when the daily routines seem to overshadow our inner selves, we forget this. One way to rejuvenate your spirit is to immerse yourself into a new experience and be in the present moment. There are many destinations on this enchanted island filled with picturesque landscapes reconnect with nature and discover the stories behind these sites of great significance. Wherever in the world we are from, wherever in the world we go, no matter how different we appear to be on the outside, we are all connected in this human experience. 

Sacred Excursions is owned and operated by travel and hospitality professionals who are committed to providing a leisurely, meaningful and environmentally conscious experience with world class standards while traveling mystical Bali. We work with local communities as well as global sustainability conscious organisations, government and NGO’s to promote Bali as an Eco-tourism destination. On average Bali is visited by approximately 5 million tourists per year and the tourism industry has a significant impact on Bali’s natural environment. Sacred Excursion aims to provide awareness on alternative tourism activities and accommodations. We work with eco-friendly properties and local communities to welcome the global community into a local tourism experience which promotes environmental and spiritual wellness. Our tours have been crafted to uncover the breathtaking beauty and rich spiritual culture.

Journey with us as we explore some of the island's most significant locations to learn their history, uncover their deep significance and learn how these places have been used to enrich the daily lives of the local people and how we can all make small changes to sustain these sites for future generations.

We provide private tours with experienced guides that are multi-lingual and fluent in English, knowledgeable and focused on providing a safe, comfortable and enriching journey for all. We offer a variety of tour options with an underlying objective of sustainability and wellness for the soul. 

We also offer various spiritual practice retreats and workshops set in sacred picturesque locations, that focus on personal development, inner awakening and holistic inner and outer healing.

Please stay in touch so we can let you know about our upcoming retreats and workshops as well as special deals for our day tours.